Top 10 Video Editing Tools for Small Business

There’s no doubt that video is one of the most relevant and engaging content formats today and this trend is expected to continue. Not only does Facebook see some 8 billion video views each day, global video traffic is expected be 80% video by 2019.

毫无疑问,视频是当今最具相关性和吸引力的内容格式之一,这一趋势预计将继续下去。Facebook 不仅每天有80亿的视频浏览量,预计到2019年全球视频流量将达到80% 。

If you’re in the field of digital marketing or you just like being on camera, chances are you’ve experimented with uploading simple videos to YouTube at least once, or have been involved with video production on some level. At the very least, you’ve certainly seen the different types of video that people are making from their own homes on a regular basis, even just for social reasons, like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

如果你在数字营销领域,或者你只是喜欢上镜,那么你很可能至少上传过一次简单的视频到 YouTube,或者在某种程度上参与过视频制作。至少,你肯定已经看到了人们定期在自己家里制作的不同类型的视频,即使只是出于社交原因,比如 Facebook Live 和 Instagram Stories。

But if you’re looking to take your video to the next level, be it for personal or professional reasons, you’re going to want to have a solid understanding of what kinds of video editing software is out there and what it can do.


Here are a few solutions for your video editing needs.


Video Editing Tools for Beginners


The first 5 tools we’ve listed here are great for digital marketing students, hobbyists and independent entrepreneurs who are just starting out and want to try out a few different options to learn how to get the basics down.


1. SDC Free Video Editor

1. SDC 免费视频编辑器

VSDC Free Video Editor is one of the most comprehensive video editing software options out there, and best of all, it’s free! While it features a fairly powerful and versatile interface that offers the user a variety of objects and effects, it’s still simple and pleasant to practice with. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface and easy-to-follow instructions.

VSDC 免费视频编辑器是最全面的视频编辑软件选项之一,最好的是,它是免费的!虽然它有一个相当强大和多功能的界面,为用户提供了各种各样的对象和效果,但它仍然是简单和愉快的实践。它提供了一个简单的拖放界面和易于遵循的指示。

One drawback of this option is that it can give beginner users too much information at one time, which could be overwhelming for those just starting out. In addition, some of the more specialized features aren’t as intuitive as they could be.


2. Pinnacle Studio

Easy to use and capable of great performance, Pinnacle Studio 21 is a great software option that gives the user plenty of options beyond simple editing. Featuring an effective drag-and-drop interface of user video and audio snippets, Pinnacle Studio is intuitive and accessible. It is professional quality in terms of its capacity and its range of functionalities.

易于使用和卓越的性能能力,Pinnacle Studio 21是一个伟大的软件选项,除了简单的编辑给用户提供了大量的选择。具有一个有效的拖放用户视频和音频片段界面,Pinnacle 工作室是直观的和可访问的。就其能力和功能范围而言,它是一种专业素质。

The creative toolset at Pinnacle really stands out amongst others that are more geared towards beginners. You can capture and import material from a broad range of sources, and can incorporate unique effects like stop-motion and 360-degree editing.


3. DaVinci Resolve

This is one of the best video editing software options out there and although there is a paid version, the free version is great for beginners who are just testing things out. This professional-grade solution integrates several tools into one that allows for editing, calibration and audio post-production.


Primarily dedicated to colorimetry and post-production professionals, DaVinci Resolve has a wide range of advanced features for editing, mixing and producing high-quality video. A key feature here too is that it has built-in features for data storage and project collaboration.


4. iMovie

The IMovie software is a great place to start for any Mac user and it consistently receives top ratings amongst all of the software available, which says a lot. It features an extremely simple and user-friendly interface, and just enough special features to keep things interesting without overwhelming new users.

对于任何 Mac 用户来说,IMovie 软件都是一个很好的起点,在所有可用的软件中,IMovie 始终获得最高评级,这说明了很多问题。它有一个极其简单和用户友好的界面,以及足够的特殊功能来保持事情的趣味性,而不会对新用户造成过大的压力。

Although less comprehensive than Final Cut Pro X, the paid version of Apple’s editing software it has everything you need for making quality video at a medium-professional level. In addition you can create clips, trailers and movies in 4k resolution.

虽然没有 Final Cut Pro x 那么全面,但是这款付费版的苹果编辑软件拥有制作中等专业水平的高质量视频所需的一切。此外,你还可以创建4 k 分辨率的剪辑、预告片和电影。

One of its notable qualities is its multi-media aspect — for instance, you can start editing on a different device such as a mobile or tablet and move your material onto your Mac with no trouble. There’s also a green-screen feature which is great for those interested in digging into the arena of special effects.

其中一个值得注意的特点就是它的多媒体功能——例如,你可以在不同的设备上开始编辑,比如移动设备或平板电脑,然后把你的材料毫不费力地移动到你的 Mac 上。还有一个绿屏功能,对于那些对特效领域感兴趣的人来说非常棒。

5. Avidemux

5. avidemus

Avidemux is a totally free video editing software that’s complete and accessible for those just starting out. It’s a linear video editing software available on multiple platforms.


With this simple and intuitive software, even a beginner will be able to encode his videos. For this, he will have the choice between several formats. The program has at its disposal, to perform this task, many codecs. This software also offers several video processing features.


Video Editing Software for Professionals


The following list is software that has higher level features and most of these options will use a considerable investment – they’re certainly worth the investment, but only if you know you have a skilled professional on the other end to take advantage of all the awesome features, or you’re committed to learning all the ins and outs of the program yourself.


6. Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe reference video editing solution is popular with many professionals in a range of industries. It’s really one of the best in its class and is a must-have for video editing and post-production professionals. It is full of advanced tools and is very powerful to process your video streams.

Adobe 参考视频编辑解决方案受到许多行业专业人士的欢迎。它确实是同类中最好的之一,是视频编辑和后期制作专业人士必备的。它充满了先进的工具,是非常强大的处理您的视频流。

This non-linear editing tool allows direct access via a video acquisition source, which is why it’s frequently used by television studios. It’s super responsive, stable, and has all the professional tools you could need.


7. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is the standard for post-production and video editing on Mac OS X. Acquired by Apple in 1998, this software provides functionality for both beginners and video professionals.

Final Cut Pro x 是 Mac o s x 上后期制作和视频编辑的标准,1998年被苹果公司收购,该软件为初学者和视频专业人士提供功能。

A must-have video editing on Mac OS X, this one gets richer and more innovative with every update of new features. It now features 360-degree footage and HDR, quality 3D effects and more multi-camera options. This powerful and stable software is distinguished by its easy-to-use interface coupled with very good editing tools.

一个必须有 macosx 上的视频编辑,这一个变得更加丰富和创新的每一个新功能的更新。它现在具有360度镜头和 HDR,质量3d 效果和更多的多摄像机选项。这个强大而稳定的软件的特点是它易于使用的界面和非常好的编辑工具。

8. Avid Media Composer

Avid is one of the top software programs used in the professional film industry today and stands out as one of the very best. Their new, simplified menu offers a better selection of menu categories and overall a more intuitive experience than previous versions. This is one of the more expensive ones on the market, in part because it’s one of the few editing tools that explicitly focuses on audio. But if you’re looking for high quality, this is the way to go.

Avid 是当今专业电影行业使用的顶级软件程序之一,是最好的软件之一。他们的新的简化菜单提供了更好的选择菜单类别和总体上更直观的经验比以前的版本。这是市场上比较昂贵的工具之一,部分原因是它是少数几个明确关注音频的编辑工具之一。但是如果你想要高质量的产品,这就是你的选择。

9. Lightworks

Lightworks is a complete video editing software that’s best for more advanced users. Using it to its full extent does require a high level of technical knowledge. Although it can be downloaded for free, this program has a Pro version with additional features and greater export flexibility.

Lightworks 是一个完整的视频编辑软件,最适合更高级的用户。充分利用它确实需要高水平的技术知识。虽然它可以免费下载,这个程序有一个专业版本的额外功能和更大的导出灵活性。

Lightworks offers a simple and intuitive interface. After registration, the software invites the user to launch his first project, within a somewhat austere interface but rather simple to handle. It consists of four tabs with all the tools to manage audio / video files, edit video, add effects and edit audio files.

Lightworks 提供了一个简单直观的界面。注册后,软件邀请用户启动他的第一个项目,在一个有点简朴的界面,但相当简单的处理。它由四个标签与所有的工具来管理音频/视频文件,编辑视频,添加效果和编辑音频文件。

A toolbar provides access to a video or audio stream capturing tool, import windows (video, sound and image) and export windows, as well as the video editing tool


10. Vegas Pro

10. 拉斯维加斯职业队

First developed and edited by Sony and then taken over in 2016 by Magix, Vegas Pro is a longstanding software and is a must-have for professionals for movies, TV shows and more. Vegas Pro has an intuitive user interface for quality results. You can use it to create special effects like 3D titles and you can also even use it to copyright your own discs.

拉斯维加斯专业版最初由索尼公司开发和编辑,2016年被 Magix 公司接管。该软件由来已久,是电影、电视节目等专业人士必备的软件。维加斯专业有一个直观的用户界面质量的结果。你可以使用它来创建特殊效果,如3d 标题,你甚至可以使用它来版权自己的光盘。

It’s great for editing and media processing, and amongst other features, it offers the opportunity to create professional-level video montages. The software is constantly evolving to offer users the most up-to-date options in the industry and as such it remains one of the best professional tools out there.


Final Thoughts


If you’re interested in learning how to create videos and you’re just starting out in the field of digital, learning some tools on your own or even taking a course will be safe bets, given the popularity of videos in content marketing and social media today.


When choosing a video editing software, make sure that it not only fits your budget but actually suits your needs. You don’t need to end up with something overly complex and technical when you’re mostly going to be doing short advertisements or basic 1-minute personal videos.


And if you’re a small business looking to create something super high quality, it’s probably a good idea to hire an agency. Many creative agencies offer professional video services these days. But in order to figure out what you’re really looking for, there’s no harm in checking out some of the beginner versions of the software listed above.


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