An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

TikTok has been named as the fastest growing social media platform of all time, making the shortlist as one of the most downloaded apps globally for the past three years.

TikTok 被评为有史以来增长最快的社交媒体平台,成为过去三年全球下载次数最多的应用之一。

How Popular is TikTok?

TikTok 有多受欢迎?

The short-form video app saw rapid growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many users found time to explore the platform and connect with their online audiences in new ways. In Q1 2020, the rapid rise of TikTok set the record for the most downloads in a single quarter for a social app, at 315 million installs.

在2019冠状病毒疾病流行期间,这款短格式视频应用迅速增长,因为许多用户找到了时间来探索这个平台,并以新的方式与他们的在线观众建立联系。2020年第一季度,TikTok 的快速增长创造了单季度社交应用下载量最高的记录,达到3.15亿次安装。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

TikTok has one billion active users worldwide. That makes TikTok 7th in terms of social network sites (excluding the Chinese version Douyin at 600 million users), ahead of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

TikTok 在全球拥有10亿活跃用户。这使得 TikTok 在社交网站中排名第七(不包括中文版抖音,有6亿用户) ,领先于 LinkedIn、 Twitter、 Pinterest 和 Snapchat。

Putting this into perspective: it took Instagram six years from its launch to gain the same number of monthly active users that TikTok  managed to achieve in under three years. And for Facebook to hit the same monthly active users mark, it took the best part of four years.

让我们来看看这个问题: Instagram 从推出到获得每月活跃用户数量相当于 TikTok 在三年内获得的数量,花了它六年的时间。而 Facebook 的月活跃用户数也达到了同样的水平,这花了四年中最好的时间。

Marketers are drawn to TikTok as it reflects a key social media trend for creative skills and collaboration amongst young audiences. Its fast-paced nature keeps users engaged for relatively long periods, with users spending an average of 52 minutes per day on the app.

市场营销人员被 TikTok 所吸引,因为它反映了一个关键的社会媒体趋势,即年轻受众的创造性技能和合作。其快节奏的特性使用户能够在相对较长的时间内保持专注,用户每天平均花费52分钟在应用程序上。

90 percent of all TikTok users access the app on a daily basis. Not only that, they are extremely active on the app. A study observing the behavior of TikTok users in the span of one month shows that 68 percent of TikTok users watch someone else’s video and 55 percent upload their own videos (Globalwebindex, 2019).

90% 的 TikTok 用户每天都会访问这个应用。不仅如此,他们在应用程序上非常活跃。一项观察 TikTok 用户在一个月内行为的研究显示,68% 的 TikTok 用户观看别人的视频,55% 的用户上传自己的视频(Globalwebindex,2019)。

Who Owns TikTok?

谁拥有 TikTok?

TikTok began as an app called in 2014, a platform on which users created and shared short lip-sync videos.  In 2016, Chinese tech company Bytedance launched a version of known as Douyin to the Chinese market before introducing it overseas as TikTok in 2017. Understanding the platform’s potential, particularly to connect with young audiences that are digital natives, Bytedance bought and incorporated and it became the version of TikTok we know today. Bytedance still operates Douyin separately in the Chinese market.

2014年,TikTok 开始作为一个名为 的应用程序,用户可以在这个平台上创建并分享对口型同步的短视频。2016年,中国科技公司 Bytedance 向中国市场推出了一个名为“抖音”的 版本,2017年将其推向海外,命名为“ TikTok”。字节跳动明白了这个平台的潜力,尤其是在与数字原住民的年轻观众建立联系方面,它买下并合并了妈妈咪呀,成为了我们今天所知道的 TikTok 的版本。字节跳动仍然在中国市场独立经营抖音。

What is TikTok Known for?


TikTok calls itself the “destination for short-form mobile videos.”

TikTok 称自己为“短格式手机视频的目的地”

Users can create and upload a video—up to 15 seconds long (although you can string together four separate videos to create 60-second pieces)—incorporating music with filters and editing effects, or showing the user lip-synching or dancing to a song.

用户可以创建和上传一段长度不超过15秒的视频(尽管你可以将四段独立视频串在一起,创建一段60秒的视频) ,其中包含带有滤镜和编辑效果的音乐,或者向用户展示假唱或伴着歌曲跳舞的画面。

Its rapid video format is not just for dance challenges and lip-synching, although that is what it has become famous for. TikTok creators are using the platform to discuss complex subjects, campaign for change, and educate their audiences in subjects ranging from healthcare to accountancy. If you’re looking for inspiration or to grow your TikTok fanbase, check out our blog for some great social media video ideas.

其快速的视频格式不仅仅是为了舞蹈挑战和假唱,虽然这是它已经成为著名的。提克托克的创作者们利用这个平台来讨论复杂的话题,发起变革运动,并且教育他们的观众从医疗保健到会计学等各个领域。如果你正在寻找灵感或者想要扩大你的 TikTok 粉丝群,那么就来看看我们的博客,了解一些很棒的社交媒体视频创意。

For example, Taylor Price offers Generation Z finance advice to over 1.1 million followers.

例如,泰勒 · 普莱斯为超过110万的追随者提供 z 一代的理财建议。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

Who uses TikTok?

谁在使用 TikTok?

TikTok is most popular with teenagers around the world, who are generally early adopters of new social media platforms. They figured out early on how to use and adapt the platform to their tastes and needs, and many have gathered thousands of followers over the past few years.

TikTok 在世界各地的青少年中最受欢迎,他们通常是新社交媒体平台的早期使用者。他们很早就知道如何使用和调整这个平台以适应他们的口味和需求,在过去的几年里,他们中的许多人已经聚集了成千上万的追随者。

Millennials and Baby Boomers who join the platform may poke fun at themselves, in their clumsiness at using the app, or the content they produce. Many claim that they have been encouraged or inspired to use the app by teenaged family members.


For example, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has attracted over 28.9M fans on TikTok (as of November 2021) after being taught how to use the platform for dance challenges with his Gen-Z-aged daughter, Tilly.

例如,名厨戈登•拉姆齐(Gordon Ramsey)与他年龄在 gen-z 的女儿蒂莉(Tilly)一起学习如何利用这个平台进行舞蹈挑战,从而在 TikTok 上吸引了2890万粉丝(截至2021年11月)。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

Even though TikTok very much appeals to young generations, it does seem to be retaining its audience as they age.

尽管 TikTok 对年轻一代非常有吸引力,但随着年龄的增长,它似乎仍然保留着它的观众。

TikTok is available in 154 countries. Global Web Index stats from 2019 show that TikTok penetration is seemingly at its highest in Asia, where over one third of users aged 16-64 had an account. There’s not much to split the rest of the world, with penetration of between 12 percent (North America) and 10 percent (Latin America and Europe).

TikTok 在154个国家有售。2019年的全球网络指数数据显示,TikTok 在亚洲的普及率似乎处于最高水平,超过三分之一的16-64岁用户拥有账户。世界其他地区的市场占有率并不高,北美市场占有率在12% 到10% 之间(拉丁美洲和欧洲)。

Global brands have recognized the importance of TikTok as a key way to engage with young audiences, encourage user-generated content, and partner with relevant influencers. TikTok has seen both paid and influencer campaigns on its app from Nike, Skittles, Fenty Beauty, Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Sony, and FIFA, to name a few. If you’re a brand looking to connect with TikTok creators, use a tracker tool to identify relevant influencers.

全球品牌已经认识到 TikTok 的重要性,它是吸引年轻观众、鼓励用户生成内容、与有影响力的人合作的关键途径。TikTok 已经在它的应用程序上看到了来自 Nike,Skittles,Fenty Beauty,Pepsi,Calvin Klein,Sony 和 FIFA 的付费和影响活动。如果你是一个想和 TikTok 创始人建立联系的品牌,使用一个跟踪工具来识别相关的影响者。

TikTok has seen a huge increase in celebrity users, particularly during 2020 when many Hollywood stars and global musicians were looking for ways to stay relevant and connected to fans during the COVID pandemic: these have included Reese Witherspoon, Snoop Dogg, Dua Lipa, and Kendall Jenner.

在2020年,许多好莱坞明星和全球音乐家都在寻找方法与影迷保持联系: 这些人包括丽丝·韦花丝潘、 Snoop Dogg、 Dua Lipa 和 Kendall Jenner。

Bear in mind that TikTok is different to other video platforms such as Instagram in that it values genuine content from its creators. Artist, Doja Cat is one personality on TikTok to amass 14.7 million followers by posting content that shows off her personality and comes across as genuine. TikTik users value real content that they can relate to and believe people because they are like themselves.  

请记住,TikTok 不同于其他视频平台,比如 Instagram,因为它重视来自创作者的真实内容。艺术家 Doja Cat 是 TikTok 上的一个人物,她通过发布展示自己个性的内容,给人以真诚的印象,从而聚集了1470万粉丝。TikTik 的用户重视真实的内容,他们可以联系和相信人们,因为他们喜欢自己。

Who are TikTokers?

谁是 TikTokers?

It’s the native TikTokers who are the real stars – names that are less known in the wider media world but familiar to most 14-year-olds. Many of these influential stars have flocked to TikTok from other social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram, but have generated a large following after quickly getting to grips with the unique platform style of TikTok.

真正的明星是本土的 TikTokers ——这些名字在更广泛的媒体世界中不太为人所知,但对大多数14岁的年轻人来说却很熟悉。许多这些有影响力的明星已经从其他社交媒体渠道如 YouTube 和 Instagram 涌向 TikTok,但是在迅速掌握了 TikTok 独特的平台风格之后,他们已经产生了大量的追随者。

For example FitWaffle, a food influencer that started on Instagram, has generated over 2.5 million followers and over 75 million likes (as of November 2021) on TikTok since launching in 2019. Its creator, Eloise Head, is one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing foodie content creators.

例如,自2019年推出以来,Instagram 上的一个食品影响者 FitWaffle 已经在 TikTok 上获得了超过250万粉丝和7500万个赞(截至2021年11月)。它的创始人 Eloise Head 是世界上最受欢迎和发展最快的美食内容创作者之一。

There is also a huge community of creative influencers using TikTok to reach new global audiences, engage with like-minded communities, and work with brands to promote their products and services earning a healthy living from the platform. The array of beauty, fashion, food, dance and fitness influencers on TikTok offers brands the opportunity to reach younger audiences without having a presence on the app themselves. These influencers are well-versed in TikTok’s functionality and can create reactive content that jumps on the most recent trends.

还有一个庞大的创意影响者社区,他们使用 TikTok 来接触新的全球受众,与志同道合的社区合作,与品牌合作来推广他们的产品和服务,从平台中获得健康的生活。TikTok 上的一系列美丽、时尚、美食、舞蹈和健身的影响者为品牌提供了一个机会,让它们不用出现在应用程序上就能接触到年轻的受众。这些有影响力的人非常精通 TikTok 的功能,能够创造出反应性的内容,跟上最新的趋势。

The app has fueled the rise in “content houses” or “collab houses” where groups of young social media influencers are housed together in mansions to create an impressive backdrop for their branded viral content. The high rental fees are covered by talent agents or managers who broker deals and contracts with brands. Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty Beauty invested in a content house in 2020, with a group of five creators chosen by Rihanna. Unfortunately it had to end early, due to COVID, but content creators continued to promote the brand remotely.

In December 2019, 16-year-old TikTok influencer, Charli D’Amelio, lived in an LA mansion known as Hype House where she was able to amass a following of over 100 million. She regularly collaborates with brands that reflect her personal interests and values, such as releasing products with beauty brand Morphe or promoting anti-bullying messages with UNICEF. She is now the most-followed account on TikTok, followed by Khaby Lame and Addison Rae, a fact that demonstrates the close overlap between TikTok and Instagram influencers.

这款应用推动了“内容公司”或“合作公司”的崛起,在这些公司里,一群年轻的社交媒体影响力人物被安排在一起,住在豪宅里,为他们的品牌病毒式内容创造一个令人印象深刻的背景。高昂的租金由人才代理商或经理人承担,他们为品牌代理交易和签订合同。蕾哈娜的美容品牌芬蒂美容在2020年投资了一家内容公司,蕾哈娜挑选了五位创作者组成的团队。不幸的是,由于 COVID,它不得不提前结束,但内容创作者继续远程推广品牌。2019年12月,16岁的 TikTok 影响者 Charli d’amelio 住在洛杉矶一座名为 Hype House 的豪宅里,在那里她聚集了超过1亿的粉丝。她经常与反映她个人兴趣和价值观的品牌合作,比如发布美容品牌 Morphe 的产品,或者与联合国儿童基金会一起宣传反欺凌的信息。她现在是 TikTok 上最受关注的账号,其次是 Khaby Lame 和 Addison Rae,这一事实表明 TikTok 和 Instagram 影响者之间有很大的重叠。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

What is TikTok used for?

TikTok 是用来做什么的?

TikTok has cemented itself as a key destination to go to for content that entertains, as shown by its two most-used hashtags – #entertainment and #dance.

TikTok 已经巩固了自己作为娱乐内容的关键目的地的地位,正如它最常用的两个标签—— # entertainment 和 # dance 所显示的那样。

Other hugely popular categories on the app include pranks, fitness, home renovation, DIY, beauty and skincare, fashion, recipes and cooking, life hacks, advice, and pets. 

其他非常受欢迎的类别包括恶作剧、健身、家居装修、 DIY、美容护肤、时尚、食谱和烹饪、生活小技巧、建议和宠物。

TikTok is seeing an ever broader range of topics being discussed and covered on its platform including more personal and serious topics such as the following:

TikTok 在其平台上看到了越来越广泛的话题被讨论和覆盖,包括更加个人化和严肃的话题,例如:

  • Healthcare advice. 医疗建议Fertility doctor Lora Shahine 生育医生洛拉 · 沙欣 and psychologist and physician 以及心理学家和医生Dr David Puder David Puder 博士 have both attracted hundreds of thousands of followers 都吸引了成千上万的粉丝
  • At-home hobbies such as gardening and cooking have seen a rise in popularity on the platform, an example being 在家里的爱好,如园艺和烹饪已经看到了日益流行的平台,一个例子是 Garden Marcus 花园马库斯 in Texas, who has over 650k followers. 在德克萨斯州,她有超过65万粉丝
  • Sharing information around crimes as in the case of murder victim 分享犯罪信息,如谋杀案受害者的情况Gabbie Petito 加比 · 佩蒂托 whose car was found due to footage by TikTokers, or the 他的车被发现是因为 TikTokers 的录像Kentucky girl rescued 肯塔基女孩获救 from an abductor thanks to a distress hand signal she had learned via TikTok. 她从绑架者那里得到了一个求救信号
  • Like any social platforms, there can also be negative activity such as the 像任何社交平台一样,也可能有消极的行为,比如说#couchboy hashtag trend # 沙发男孩 # 标签潮流 that was used to speculate on a girlfriend surprising her boyfriend in college and his muted reaction. 那是用来推测一个女朋友,在大学里给她男朋友惊喜,还有他沉默的反应

Content that offers users inspiration, but also authenticity (a growing trend across social media for brands), tends to perform well. Many TikTok users prefer to see raw and truthful angles, unlike on Instagram where the style of most videos and images has evolved to be more perfectly polished, and, some might say, less authentic.

提供用户灵感的内容,同时也是真实性的内容(品牌在社交媒体上的发展趋势) ,往往表现良好。许多 TikTok 用户更喜欢看到原始和真实的角度,不像在 Instagram 上,大多数视频和图片的风格已经进化到更加完美,而且,有些人可能会说,不太真实。

TikTok has launched its own campaign #LearnonTikTok, which categorizes educational content around all kinds of topics, “from life hacks to science tutorials, makeup masterclasses and motivational tips, to quick cooks”.

TikTok 发起了自己的活动 # learnontiktok,将教育内容围绕各种主题进行分类,“从生活技巧到科学教程、化妆大师班和激励技巧,再到快速烹饪”。

That hashtag has had over 198 billion views (December 2021) and contains content from the BBC, Cambridge University, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

这个标签已经有超过1980亿的浏览量(2021年12月) ,包含了来自 BBC、剑桥大学和《时尚》杂志的内容。

How does TikTok work?

TikTok 是如何工作的?

TikTok users can discover videos through the use of hashtags and the specific algorithm. When logged into the app, each user views an individually-curated home feed called the For You page. This is the best place to go to discover new content and users to follow.

TikTok 用户可以通过使用 # 标签和特定的算法来发现视频。当登录到这个应用程序时,每个用户都会查看一个单独管理的家庭 feed,称为 For You 页面。这是发现新内容和关注用户的最佳地点。

TikTok places content here which it deems interesting for each individual user, based on signals picked up by its algorithm. The algorithm works on factors such as:

根据算法收集到的信号,TikTok 在这里放置它认为对每个用户有意义的内容。该算法基于以下因素:

  • Your individual settings; country, language, device 你的个人设置; 国家,语言,设备
  • Video information: hashtags, captions, sounds, genre 视频信息: # 标签,标题,声音,类型
  • User interactions; the types of video you interact with, accounts you follow, who you engage with 用户交互; 你与之互动的视频类型,你关注的账户,你与谁交流

Content has a good chance of going viral within TikTok, as the platform selects content it deems both interesting and highly engaging for each unique user, and places that content within the For You page. This is why challenges, pranks, and dance routines spread like wildfire within the app, as it’s fairly easy to gain visibility if you are using a popular hashtag or a trending sound. If you need some guidance, have a look at some of the key attributes of viral videos.

内容很有可能在 TikTok 内传播开来,因为这个平台为每个独特的用户选择它认为有趣和高度吸引力的内容,并将这些内容放在 For You 页面中。这就是为什么挑战、恶作剧和舞蹈动作在应用程序中像野火一样迅速传播,因为如果你使用一个流行的话题标签或者一个流行的声音,你就很容易获得知名度。如果你需要一些指导,看看病毒视频的一些关键属性。

How can marketers use TikTok?

营销人员如何使用 TikTok?

TikTok offers a brilliant opportunity for marketers to reach younger audiences around the globe, in a highly creative and playful environment. Many social media memes begin on TikTok, and brands can boost their credibility by being at the forefront of these cutting-edge trends. TikTok does not require huge budgets for video content creation either, as spontaneous content produced in ordinary surroundings has just as much as a chance of cutting through. Many TikTok videos have been filmed in bedrooms, car parks or gardens.

提克托克公司为营销人员提供了一个绝佳的机会,在一个高度创造性和好玩的环境中,接触全球各地的年轻受众。许多社交媒体文化起源于 TikTok,品牌可以通过走在这些尖端趋势的前沿来提高自己的可信度。也不需要在视频内容创作上投入巨额预算,因为在普通环境中自发生成的内容同样有机会被剪切掉。许多 TikTok 的视频都是在卧室、停车场或花园里拍摄的。

TikTok provides marketers with a level playing field when it comes to reach and engagement. Unlike social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, TikTok accounts with zero followers can get millions of views on a new video thanks to the viral nature of the algorithm. As long as the content appeals to the audience, the engagement will follow.

提克托克公司为营销人员提供了一个公平的竞争环境,当涉及到接触和参与。与 Instagram 或 YouTube 等社交媒体平台不同,TikTok 账户的零粉丝数量可以在一个新视频上获得数百万的浏览量,这要归功于该算法的病毒式传播特性。只要内容对观众有吸引力,参与就会随之而来。

TikTok experiences higher engagement rates from the app’s followers than other social media platforms (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2019) – so marketers can achieve significant buzz with a carefully-planned campaign using content that appeals to the app’s audience.

与其他社交媒体平台相比,TikTok 的追随者的参与度更高(infant Marketing Hub,2019)——因此,营销人员可以通过精心策划的活动,利用吸引应用用户的内容,获得显著的口碑。

There are four key ways that marketers can begin using TikTok:

市场营销人员可以从以下四个方面开始使用 TikTok:

1. Start a branded channel

1. 建立一个品牌渠道

Create a branded page and begin experimenting with content types. Content can be created relatively quickly and with no budget. The best thing to do is follow trending hashtags and get involved with the latest memes, and apply them to your brand. Utilize the app’s built-in filters, effects, soundbites, and editing tools to create and share authentic content. The organic reach on TikTok is huge, but impactful engagement is only derived if your content truly resonates with your audience and plays to the rules of the platform. Posting your corporate brand messaging here simply won’t work.

创建一个品牌页面,并开始尝试内容类型。内容可以在没有预算的情况下相对快速地创建。最好的办法就是关注热门话题标签,参与最新的模因,并将它们应用到你的品牌中。利用应用程序内置的过滤器、效果、声音片段和编辑工具来创建和分享真实的内容。在 TikTok 上的有机接触是巨大的,但是只有当你的内容真正与你的观众产生共鸣并且符合平台的规则时,影响力的参与才会产生。在这里发布你的公司品牌信息是行不通的。

2. Collaborate with influencers

2. 与有影响力的人合作

A smart way to utilize TikTok is to leverage influencer communities – the stats on influencers leaves no doubt as to how powerful they can be. Influencers who live and breathe TikTok have established highly engaged followings through posting high-quality content which resonates. They understand TikTok and know how to use its tools, features, and trends to their advantage. Brands can approach and collaborate on campaigns which use these influencers’ skills and knowledge. TikTok has its own Creator Marketplace, designed to link up brands and creators.

利用 TikTok 的一个聪明的方法是利用影响者社区——关于影响者的统计数据毫无疑问地表明了他们能有多强大。那些生活在 TikTok 的影响者们通过发布高质量的、能引起共鸣的内容建立了高度参与的追随者。他们了解 TikTok,知道如何使用它的工具、特性和趋势。品牌可以利用这些影响者的技能和知识接近并合作开展活动。拥有自己的创造者市场,旨在连接品牌和创造者。

3. Start a hashtag challenge

3. 开始一个井号标签挑战

Creating a challenge for users to enter provides a great way for brands to start a cultural trend or meme. Top-performing challenges attract millions of users to create videos for the campaign. A great example is the E.l.f cosmetics #eyeslipsface campaign which saw over 4 billion views and 5 million video contributions, and has been stated as the most successful TikTok marketing campaign by AdWeek.

为用户提供一个挑战,为品牌开启一种文化趋势或文化基因提供了一个很好的方式。表现最好的挑战吸引了数百万用户为该活动制作视频。一个很好的例子就是 E.l.f 化妆品 # 眼影/脸部宣传活动,该活动的浏览量超过40亿,视频贡献达500万,被广告周刊评为最成功的 TikTok 营销活动。

4. Run TikTok advertising

4. 运行 TikTok 广告

TikTok is one of the most exciting new advertising channels because it has the scale of other platforms such as Instagram, but it’s not yet saturated with advertisers. This means it can be more affordable to generate impressions and clicks.

TikTok 是最令人兴奋的新广告渠道之一,因为它拥有 Instagram 等其他平台的规模,但尚未饱和广告客户。这意味着它可以产生更多的展示和点击。

Marketers can run in-feed adverts, sponsored hashtag challenges, and banner ads within the homepage of the app. As well as targeting age, location, and demographics, advertisers can target people who have viewed similar content to theirs. Advertisers can sign up to TikTok for Business to run self-serve advertising campaigns.

营销人员可以在应用程序的首页上运行内置广告、赞助标签挑战和横幅广告。除了针对目标用户的年龄、地点和人口统计数据,广告商还可以针对那些与他们观看过类似内容的用户。广告客户可以与 TikTok for Business 签约,开展自助广告活动。

Another social app to keep in mind when trying to connect with a young audience is WhatsApp. The instant messaging app is growing in popularity across the globe and provides great marketing opportunities once it is integrated with Facebook and Instagram. 

另一个与年轻用户联系时需要牢记的社交应用是 WhatsApp。即时通讯应用程序在全球范围内越来越受欢迎,一旦与 Facebook 和 Instagram 整合在一起,它将提供巨大的营销机会。

Who is using TikTok well?

谁在很好地使用 TikTok?

Many marketers are beginning to explore the power of TikTok by running influencer marketing campaigns on the platform. There are countless examples of the fashion industry and beauty brands enlisting the help of influencers to promote and review products, as well as getting involved with particular challenges that have been set by the brands.

许多营销人员开始通过在平台上运行有影响力的营销活动来探索 TikTok 的力量。时尚产业和美容品牌有无数的例子,它们寻求有影响力的人的帮助来推广和评论产品,同时参与到品牌设定的特殊挑战中。

1. Chipotle

One brand which has received regular praise for its understanding of TikTok as a platform is the fast casual restaurant brand Chipotle.  In 2019, Chipotle’s GuacDance Challenge, which urged guacamole fans to show off dance moves dedicated to avocados, received 250,000 video submissions and 430 million video starts during a six-day run. It resulted in the brand’s largest amount of guacamole ordered on National Avocado Day.

快餐休闲餐厅品牌 Chipotle 就是这样一个品牌,它对 TikTok 作为一个平台的理解经常受到赞誉。2019年,Chipotle 的 GuacDance 挑战赛在为期六天的比赛中收到了25万个视频提交和4.3亿个视频。该挑战赛要求鳄梨酱粉丝展示鳄梨舞蹈动作。这使得该品牌在国庆鳄梨日订购了最多的鳄梨色拉酱。

In 2020, Chipotle launched a new “Chipotle Royalty” challenge giving TIkTok users a chance to win $10,000 by proving why their Chipotle order is the best among more than 4 million possible combinations. The campaign calls for videos to be created with the hashtag #ChipotleRoyalty. Chipotle will feature the three winning entries as an official menu item on its app and website for a limited time.

2020年,Chipotle 发起了一项新的“ Chipotle 版税”挑战,通过证明他们的 Chipotle 订单在400多万种可能组合中是最好的,TIkTok 用户有机会赢得1万美元。该运动呼吁制作带有 # chippotleroyalty 标签的视频。Chipotle 将在有限的时间内将这三个获奖作品作为官方菜单项放在其应用程序和网站上。

2. Gymshark

Fitness wear brand Gymshark uses ambassadors on TikTok to gain maximum reach. The brand encourages user-generated content from its fans by enlisting their ambassadors to set fitness challenges and dance and fitness routines. This collaborative approach is performing well, as it fits with the communal mindset of Gen Z.

健身服装品牌 Gymshark 使用 TikTok 的大使来获得最大的伸展范围。这个品牌通过招募用户生成内容大使来设置健身挑战、舞蹈和健身程序来鼓励粉丝。这种合作方式表现良好,因为它符合 z 世代的共同思维模式。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

3. Ryanair

3. 瑞安航空

The low cost airline has faced its fair share of difficulties due to Covid, but that didn’t stop the brand from creating some excitement on social media. Ryaniair’s TikTok account does not seem a likely one to get tongues wagging, but its funny and quirky videos have attracted a following of 1.2 million.

这家低成本航空公司由于 Covid 的原因面临着相当大的困难,但这并没有阻止该品牌在社交媒体上创造一些令人兴奋的东西。瑞安航空的 TikTok 账户似乎不太可能引起人们的议论,但其有趣和离奇的视频吸引了120万追随者。

Speculated to be run by a popular influencer, Ryanair’s TikTok features a series of videos from the cabin crew’s Point Of View (POV). From a baby crying to the crew being too young or a customer not having enough leg room, it pokes fun at itself and resonates with a Gen Z and millennial audience.

据推测,瑞安航空的 TikTok 是由一位颇具影响力的人物运营的,该公司推出了一系列来自机组人员视角(POV)的视频。从婴儿的哭声到剧组人员太年轻或者顾客没有足够的腿部空间,这部电影自嘲自己,引起了 z 世代和千禧一代观众的共鸣。

4. BBC Education

4. BBC 教育

British broadcaster, the BBC, is using TikTok to directly engage with school-aged audiences through its BBC Bitesize account. Content about exams, revision, and STEM subjects are covered, with young presenters sharing ideas and useful tips.

英国广播公司 BBC 正在使用 TikTok 通过其 BBC Bitesize 账号直接与学龄观众交流。内容包括考试、复习和 STEM 科目,年轻的主持人分享想法和有用的技巧。

5. Duolingo

5. 多邻国

The language education app Duolingo has 1.4 million followers and like Ryanair is tapping into the younger generation in its videos. Many of its videos feature its bird logo mascot in the office saying and doing hilarious things. It also uses trends to show it has its finger on the pulse such as the POV craze across TikTok. It’s a great example of a brand that’s capitalizing on organic content that surprises and entertains. 

语言教育应用程序 Duolingo 有140万粉丝,和瑞安航空一样,该公司也在其视频中挖掘年轻一代的潜力。它的许多视频都以它的鸟标志吉祥物在办公室里说着和做着滑稽的事情为特色。它也使用趋势来显示它已经掌握了脉搏,例如整个 TikTok 的 POV 热潮。这是一个很好的例子,一个品牌利用有机内容的惊喜和娱乐。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

6. The World Health Organization

6. 世界卫生组织

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched a TikTok channel in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to share information and trustworthy health information, offer tips on staying safe, and to debunk myths that were spreading via social media.

世界卫生组织(WHO)在2019冠状病毒疾病流行病爆发初期启动了一个 TikTok 频道,分享信息和可靠的健康信息,提供保持安全的小贴士,并揭穿通过社交媒体传播的神话。

The WHO also uses TikTok to share videos which provide critical health updates, enabling it to connect with the app’s younger audience base, and it makes the most of TikTok live videos to answer questions from the community. 

世界卫生组织也使用 TikTok 来分享提供关键健康更新的视频,使它能够与应用程序的年轻用户群建立联系,并且它充分利用 TikTok 的实时视频来回答社区的问题。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

7. Trojan

7. 木马

You might have thought it would be difficult to sell condoms on social media. Not for Trojan on TikTok! Their account features hilarious how-to videos to help choose the right size condom or tapping into Halloween with a video featuring pumpkins and the tagline ‘Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes’. Its tongue and cheek humor is entertaining TikTok users with over half a million followers. 

你可能会认为在社交媒体上销售避孕套是很困难的。不是为了 TikTok 的特洛伊人!他们的账号上有一些搞笑的指导视频,可以帮助你选择合适大小的避孕套,或者在万圣节前夕拍摄一段南瓜的视频,并配上“南瓜有各种各样的形状和大小”的标语。它的诙谐幽默是为了娱乐拥有超过50万粉丝的 TikTok 用户。

An In-Depth Look at Marketing on TikTok

What’s Next for TikTok in 2022 and Beyond

2022年及以后 TikTok 的下一步是什么

2022 is set to be an interesting year for TikTok. It’s predicted that the app will attract over one billion users over the course of the year, and could potentially attract 1.2 billion according to AppAnnie.

2022年对于提克托克来说将是有趣的一年。据 AppAnnie 预测,该应用程序将在一年内吸引超过10亿用户,并有可能吸引12亿用户。

TikTok and Shopping


We will also see moves that will accelerate social commerce within the app. TikTok recently announced a partnership with leading ecommerce platform Shopify and a pilot is currently available to sellers in the UK and US. According to reports, the collaboration will facilitate Shopify merchants’ reach on TikTok and help them boost sales. Analysts say the purchase process will also be streamlined on TikTok and consumers will also be able to carry out in-app shopping.

我们还将看到在应用程序中加速社交商务的举措。TikTok 最近宣布与领先的电子商务平台 Shopify 建立合作伙伴关系,目前在英国和美国的卖家可以试用。据报道,这次合作将促进 Shopify 商家在 TikTok 上的联系,并帮助他们提高销售额。分析师表示,TikTok 的购买流程也将得到简化,消费者也将能够进行应用内购物。

Longer Videos


TikTok is reportedly working on an option for creators to film much longer videos, of up to three minutes, so we are set to see even more creativity from the platform.  There will be many more examples of brands approaching TikTok to reach new audiences, from setting collaborative and creative challenges to utilizing the creative influencers thriving on the platform.

据报道,TikTok 正在为创作者提供一个选择,让他们可以拍摄更长的视频,最长可达3分钟,所以我们将看到这个平台带来更多的创意。将会有更多的品牌接近 TikTok 来接触新的受众,从设置合作性和创造性的挑战到利用创造性的影响者在平台上蓬勃发展。

Become an In-Demand Social Media & TikTok Expert

成为一个受欢迎的社交媒体 & TikTok 专家

The success of video as a content format across social media makes it a powerful tool to connect with prospects and customers. DMI’s certified Social Media and Marketing course will help you understand the intricacies of platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Facebook to grow and engage your audience. You will also learn how to conduct social research and devise a cohesive digital marketing strategy across channels.

视频作为一种跨越社交媒体的内容格式的成功,使其成为与潜在客户和客户联系的强大工具。DMI 认证的社交媒体和市场营销课程将帮助你理解像 TikTok、 YouTube 和 Facebook 这样的复杂平台,以增加和吸引你的受众。你还将学习如何进行社会研究和设计一个有凝聚力的数字营销策略的渠道。

First published December 2020, updated 2022




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