How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. It has become the place to find out about what’s happening in the world right now. Whether you’re interested in music, sports, politics, news, celebrities, or everyday moments—come to Twitter to join the conversation!

由 Jack Dorsey,Noah Glass,Biz Stone 和 Evan Williams 于2006年创立。它已经成为了了解当今世界正在发生什么的地方。无论你是对音乐、体育、政治、新闻、名人还是日常生活感兴趣,都可以来 Twitter 参与讨论!

Twitter is more than a newsfeed, of course. It is a service for friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People post Tweets, which may contain photos, videos, links, and up to 280 characters of text. These messages are posted to your public profile, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search. The platform is public and therefore every Tweet and conversation can be viewed by anyone, except if you changed your privacy settings.

当然,Twitter 不仅仅是一个新闻源。这是一项为朋友、家人和同事提供的服务,通过快速、频繁的信息交换来沟通和保持联系。人们发布 Tweets,其中可能包含照片、视频、链接和最多280个字符的文本。这些信息被发布到你的公共档案,发送给你的追随者,并且可以在 Twitter 上搜索。这个平台是公开的,因此任何人都可以查看任何 Tweet 和对话,除非你更改了你的隐私设置。

What differentiates Twitter from other social platforms is its fast-paced, real-time nature. It is also very conversational because of the real-time dimension of a user’s timelines. Of course, hashtags also make it much easier to discover new content in the social sphere. 

Twitter 与其他社交平台的不同之处在于其快节奏、实时的特性。由于用户的时间轴的实时维度,它也非常具有对话性。当然,井号标签也使得在社交领域发现新内容变得更加容易。

Twitter is an excellent real-time platform to quickly spread news, engage in customer service, or contribute to other relevant conversations on topics related to your business. Twitter is especially effective for engaging B2B buyers and B2C consumers with thought leadership content and helpful advice or insights on topics that are of interest to them.  As a marketer, you need to be part of the trending conversations.

Twitter 是一个优秀的实时平台,可以快速传播新闻,参与客户服务,或者参与与你业务相关话题的其他相关讨论。对于吸引 B2B 买家和 B2C 消费者来说,Twitter 尤其有效,他们可以在自己感兴趣的话题上提供思想领导内容和有用的建议或见解。作为一个营销人员,你需要成为热门话题的一部分。

What Twitter is Not


Even though Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms, some common misconceptions persist. 

尽管 Twitter 是一个领先的社交媒体平台,一些常见错误观念列表仍然坚持使用 Twitter。

Misconception 1: Followers are the only success metrics

误解一: 追随者是唯一的成功指标

Brands can achieve much more than just getting their maximum follower count. It’s about community management, building relationships with your followers. Some brands might have a few followers, but if they’re very dedicated and engaged, that means way more than if you have millions of followers and they don’t care about what you’re doing or not engaging with your brand. 


Misconception 2: Users only tweet

误解二: 用户只发微博

Actually, users are coming to the platform to find out new things, to engage with things that interest them, and then to tweet and share the content. 


Misconception 3: Twitter is only for business and tech people

误解三: 推特只适用于商业和技术人员

People on Twitter are interested in a huge variety of news and politics, pop culture, sports, live commentary on events. Anything under the sun. People from all backgrounds are represented on the platform and not everyone uses Twitter for the same reasons.

推特上的人们对各种各样的新闻和政治,流行文化,体育,事件的实时评论感兴趣。太阳底下的一切。来自不同背景的用户都会出现在这个平台上,并不是每个人都会因为同样的原因使用 Twitter。

Misconception 4: Tweets are only text

误解四: 推文只是文本

Actually, the best tweets that get the most engagement include photos, videos, gifs, you name it. So, if you really want to get people talking and engaging with your tweets, think beyond text and be sure to include images and video.


Who Uses Twitter?

谁在使用 Twitter?

While everyone experiences Twitter differently, here are a few key areas of interest that people look for on Twitter. 

虽然每个人对 Twitter 的体验不同,但是这里有一些人们在 Twitter 上感兴趣的关键领域。

  • News and politics: People want to find out the latest in local and global news, watch political events as they unfold, and interact with communities and social movements.  新闻和政治: 人们希望了解当地和全球的最新新闻,关注政治事件的发展,并与社区和社会运动进行互动
  • Sports: From the Olympics to the NFL Draft, you can get real-time updates, see what the star players have to say, and connect with fans around the world.  体育: 从奥运会到 NFL 选秀,你可以得到实时更新,看明星球员有什么要说的,并与世界各地的球迷联系
  • Pop culture: You can find out what your favorite celebrities are up to by following them on Twitter and joining in on the conversation.  流行文化: 你可以通过在推特上关注你最喜欢的名人并加入他们的对话,来了解他们在做什么
  • Influencers: You can see what thought leaders and experts in your industry are saying, and connect with creators, artists, and celebrities.  影响者: 你可以看到你所在行业的思想领袖和专家在说什么,并与创作者、艺术家和名人联系起来
  • Utility: Twitter provides a lot of utility. You can get commuter info and updates, receive disaster updates and support, and reach customer service agents without even having to call.  实用性: Twitter 提供了很多实用性。你可以获得通勤信息和更新,接收灾难更新和支持,甚至不用打电话就可以联系到客户服务代理
  • Customer service: A lot of people use Twitter for customer service, so brands need to be paying attention in real time to service those customers. 客户服务: 很多人使用 Twitter 为客户服务,所以品牌需要注意实时服务这些客户

These are only a few categories of interest that make up the major conversations on Twitter, but you can actually find a conversation for anything that interests you. With so many people and interests, brands can use these conversations to understand and share content to their target audience.

这些只是构成 Twitter 上主要对话的几个兴趣类别,但你实际上可以找到任何你感兴趣的对话。有这么多的人和兴趣,品牌可以利用这些对话来理解和分享他们的目标受众的内容。

Moreover, Twitter is born in the live dimension, with people tweeting and reading Tweets as they go, as they see it, as they think it. The platform is the pulse of the world, evolving as time goes by with new 280 character messages every second telling more about what is happening around us. Because of this live dimension, Twitter is mostly used on mobile where people can share and read in an instant.

此外,Twitter 诞生于现场维度,人们边走边发微博和阅读微博,就像他们看到的那样,就像他们认为的那样。这个平台是世界的脉搏,随着时间的推移,每秒钟都有280个字符的新信息告诉我们周围正在发生的事情。因为这个实时的维度,Twitter 主要用在移动设备上,人们可以在那里立即分享和阅读。

Why Should Marketers Use Twitter?

为什么营销人员要使用 Twitter?

Twitter can be a strong platform for marketers, once you know how to use it. 

一旦你知道如何使用 Twitter,Twitter 就会成为营销人员的强大平台。

Discover trends


You can first use the platform to discover what’s happening around you. Brands need to stay up to date with world news, trends, and customer interests. So, Twitter is the perfect place to see these things as they evolve and take note of how your brand fits within this evolving landscape. For example, if you are a retail brand and you’re looking for inspiration or insight on what your customers love, Twitter’s a great place to find out what people are interested in, from celebrities to colors to services, so you can target your tweets accordingly. 

你可以首先使用这个平台来发现你周围发生了什么。品牌需要与世界新闻、趋势和消费者兴趣保持同步。因此,Twitter 是一个完美的地方,可以看到这些事情的发展,并注意你的品牌如何适应这个不断变化的环境。例如,如果你是一个零售品牌,你正在寻找你的客户喜欢什么的灵感或洞察力,推特是一个很好的地方,可以找出人们感兴趣的东西,从名人到颜色到服务,所以你可以针对你的推特相应。

Manage the brand


You can use Twitter to manage your brand’s reputation. Twitter is a place where people share all their feelings. So, it’s a good place to keep track of what the sentiment is around your brand, and manage any negative commentary before it spirals out of control and becomes a social media crisis

你可以使用 Twitter 来管理你的品牌声誉。推特是一个人们分享他们所有感受的地方。因此,这是一个很好的地方,可以跟踪你的品牌周围的情绪,并在它失控变成社交媒体危机之前管理任何负面评论。

People love to talk, and on Twitter you can find out how they talk about your brands. You can curate the tweets around your brand in order to assess the global sentiments and reputation you have, and use it to give a direction to your next marketing choices.

人们喜欢交谈,在 Twitter 上你可以找到他们如何谈论你的品牌。你可以围绕你的品牌策划推文,以评估你的全球情绪和声誉,并利用它为你的下一个营销选择指明方向。

Increase awareness


Twitter is also a great place to increase your brand’s awareness. Because of the discoverability factor, Twitter is a great place to put your content forward. Users are active and curious, and will listen. Brands in this environment are not considered as noise or spam but, with good content, can appear as real experts in their category or area of interest. As long as you’re providing great content, it should be a great place to engage people with your brand and to spike interest.

也是一个提高你的品牌知名度的好地方。由于可发现性因素,Twitter 是一个推送内容的好地方。用户是活跃和好奇的,并且愿意倾听。在这种环境下,品牌不会被认为是噪音或垃圾邮件,但是如果内容好的话,可以在他们感兴趣的类别或领域中以真正的专家的身份出现。只要你提供了很好的内容,它应该是一个很好的地方,吸引人们与你的品牌和刺激兴趣。

Provide customer service


Because Twitter is based on Live, and tweets flow instantaneously, the platform offers a great way to interact with customers who need answers instantly. It also helps you manage those negative comments and prove your capacity to handle your customers with care, increasing your brand sympathy. 

因为 Twitter 是基于 Live 平台的,并且可以即时发布信息,所以这个平台提供了一个很好的方式来与需要即时答案的客户进行互动。它还能帮助你管理那些负面评论,证明你有能力关心顾客,增加你的品牌同情心。

People are on the move, and experiencing your brand throughout their day to day, and so they’ll use Twitter as a way to get immediate customer service. So, it’s important to be checking these tweets and comments on a regular basis, so you can service them in real time. 

人们每天都在移动,每天都在体验你的品牌,所以他们会使用 Twitter 作为一种获得即时客户服务的方式。因此,定期检查这些推文和评论是很重要的,这样你就可以实时为它们提供服务。

Research competition


Every major brand is on Twitter for the reasons mentioned above. That  makes it a great place to watch what the competition is doing, and research how they speak and what they focus on. This in turn will help you to better differentiate from – or level up to – your competition.

因为上面提到的原因,每个主要品牌都在 Twitter 上。这使得它成为一个观察竞争对手在做什么,研究他们如何说话和他们关注什么的好地方。这反过来将帮助你更好地区别于-或水平-你的竞争对手。

Connect with others


Twitter’s also a great place to connect with customers, brand advocates, and influencers. These influencers tend to have really large audiences. So, if you win them over, you’ll win their audiences over and it’s a great way to humanize your brands and remain authentic.


Once you understand how to effectively use Twitter, the platform can help you to promote your brand and increase your reach across multiple social media platforms.

一旦你了解如何有效地使用 Twitter,这个平台可以帮助你推广你的品牌,并在多个社交媒体平台上扩大你的影响力。

The key to mastering social media is to understand how to find and engage your audience and how each platform works. A great way to do this is to take the time to enrol in a social media and marketing course that will teach you everything you need to know to drive business success.


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