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 Hubspot reports that “Nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get frustrated by websites with content (e.g. offers, ads, promotions) that has nothing to do with their interests. Personalizing your marketing messages allows you to tailor promotional messages to customers by identifying unique customer traits. This allows you to reach customers on an individual level instead of pushing one message out to the masses. Personalization can be introduced in website copy, eBooks, webinars, emails, social media posts, interactive content and beyond. Here are a few ways you can implement personalization into your marketing strategy.

Hubspot 报道说: “近四分之三(74%)的在线消费者对网站上与他们兴趣无关的内容(如优惠、广告、促销)感到沮丧。个性化营销信息可以让您通过识别独特的客户特征来定制针对客户的促销信息。这可以让你在个人层面上接触到客户,而不是把一个信息推送给大众。个性化可以引入网站复制、电子书、网络研讨会、电子邮件、社交媒体帖子、互动内容等等。这里有几种方法可以将个性化应用到你的营销策略中。

Step One: Plan Your Strategy

第一步: 制定策略

Before you execute your one-to-one marketing strategy. Consider the following questions to understand how your organization will handle this implementation.


  1. What brand message do I want to send to individuals? 我想向个人传递什么样的品牌信息?
  2. What types of customer behavior am I hoping to enable (repeat visits, increased trust, more purchases, etc.)? 我希望实现哪些类型的客户行为(重复访问,增加信任,更多购买等) ?
  3. What marketing resources do we have (or can we create) that will enable one strategy over another? 我们有什么营销资源(或者我们可以创造什么)可以使一种策略胜过另一种策略?
  4. Does the plan require a short-or long-term obligation? 该计划是否需要短期或长期的义务?
  5. Do I have enough resources to enable success (people, tools, time, etc.)? 我是否有足够的资源(人员、工具、时间等)来实现成功?


Step Two: Set Up Your Program

第二步: 设置你的程序

Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to get moving! Start by identifying the information-gathering techniques you will use to inform your personalized marketing program and how and when you will use them. Here are some of the ways you can research your audience:


  1. Surveys and questionnaires 统计调查及问卷
  2. Informal discussions 非正式讨论
  3. Formal focus groups 正式的焦点小组
  4. Anonymous feedback (via email or your website) 匿名反馈(通过电子邮件或您的网站)
  5. Social media 社交媒体

Try to gather as much information from your customers and potential customers as you can in as short of a format as possible. One or two questions may solicit more feedback than a lengthy survey.


Step Three: Choose & Implement Your Marketing Tactics

第三步: 选择并实施你的营销策略

You’re now ready to put the information you’ve gathered, as well as your overall personalization strategy, into practice. Here are some of the marketing methods from which you can choose:


  1. Send your emails from a human, not a brand. Email is one of the easiest ways to get started with personalization. Instead of having your sender be your company name, make it from the name of an actual person on your marketing or executive team. If you use email templates, ensure they don’t look like they’re been built by a marketing machine. You want your emails to come off as authentic. 发送电子邮件的人,而不是品牌。电子邮件是开始个性化的最简单的方法之一。不要用你的发件人作为你公司的名字,而是用你市场营销或者管理团队中一个真实的人的名字。如果你使用电子邮件模板,确保它们看起来不像是由营销机器制造的。你希望你的邮件看起来真实可信
  2. Use Marketing Automation Tools. Automation tools can trigger lead nurturing campaigns based on content interest. If a lead downloads an eBook focused on a specific topic, for example, you could put them in an email track that’s targeted at that specific message and acknowledge they’ve already experienced some of your content. 使用市场营销自动化工具。自动化工具可以触发基于内容兴趣的领导培养活动。例如,如果一个主管下载了一本关于某个特定主题的电子书,你可以把他们放在一个针对该特定信息的电子邮件跟踪中,并承认他们已经体验过你的一些内容
  3. Segment Your Email Database by Persona: You can segment your email database in a number of ways, but the easiest (and often most effective) way is by marketing persona. Once you have your marketing personas defined, introduce personalized message to each one, using language that hits on specific pain points. 用角色划分你的电子邮件数据库: 你可以用许多方法划分你的电子邮件数据库,但是最简单(也是最有效的)的方法是通过市场角色划分。一旦你定义了你的营销人物角色,给每一个人都介绍个性化的信息,使用语言,击中特定的痛点
  4. Use Your Recipients’ Names: Writing “Dear Customer,” “To [FirstName]” and other such greetings in your emails won’t help you reach your personalization goals. Using your lead’s real (and verified!) name isn’t difficult. If a prospect has filled out a form, you should have at least gotten that person’s first name. Now use it! 使用收件人的姓名: 在电子邮件中写上“亲爱的客户”、“ To [ FirstName ]”和其他类似的问候语不会帮助你实现个性化目标。使用您的线索的真实性(和验证!)名字并不难。如果一个潜在客户已经填写了表格,你至少应该知道他的名字。现在使用它
  5. Create Persona-Driven Content: When you begin the personalization process, persona-driven content creation is key. Personas are the closest you can get to sending customized content to every single prospect–but scaled in a way that makes sense for businesses of any size. One-size-fits-all content really doesn’t fit all. Persona-based content can help you tailor your messages to the right audience. 创建角色驱动的内容: 当您开始个性化过程时,角色驱动的内容创建是关键。用户角色是最接近于向每一个潜在客户发送定制内容的方式,但是以一种适合任何规模的企业的方式进行扩展。一刀切的内容并不适合所有人。基于角色的内容可以帮助您将您的信息定制到正确的受众
  6. Respond to Customer Personally on Social Media: It may seem like a no-brainer to have a real person responding to customers and prospects on social media, but many companies automate the process. Consumers are increasingly using social media to do their product and service research, so you need to be there when they are. Make sure you’re at monitoring your social media activity on a daily basis (at least, including the weekends), and be ready to provide the most appropriate content to meet each person’s individual needs. 在社交媒体上回应客户个人: 让一个真实的人在社交媒体上回应客户和潜在客户看起来似乎是一件很容易的事情,但是许多公司将这个过程自动化了。消费者越来越多地使用社交媒体来做产品和服务的研究,所以你需要在他们需要的时候出现。确保你每天都在监控你的社交媒体活动(至少包括周末) ,并准备好提供最适合的内容来满足每个人的个人需求
  7. Create Targeted Landing Pages: Here’s another place personas come into play. You can tailor your email messages in the same way you do with your other content formats; or, if you don’t have the bandwidth to do this for all of your personas, you can choose to create targeted landing pages for your various offers instead. 创建目标登陆页面: 这里有另一个地方的人物角色进入发挥。你可以像处理其他内容格式一样来裁剪你的邮件信息; 或者,如果你没有足够的带宽来处理所有的人物角色,你可以选择为你的各种优惠创建有针对性的登陆页面


Benefits of Personalization


The benefits of personalization are twofold: the customer enjoys a user experienced that is highly relevant to their need state, while you as a business can obtain:

个性化的好处是双重的: 客户享受的用户体验与他们的需求状态高度相关,而你作为一个企业可以获得:

  1. A Rich Collection of Customer Data: Personalization tactics track the habits and movements of potential customers, providing marketers with valuable data that they might not get with a more traditional marketing campaign. If you pass your leads on to sales, they’ll have a better idea of whom they’re selling to and how your product/service fits their needs. If you’re directing to an e-commerce page, you can direct customers to the products they are most likely to buy 丰富的客户数据收集: 个性化策略跟踪潜在客户的习惯和行动,为营销人员提供有价值的数据,他们可能不会得到更传统的营销活动。如果你把你的线索传递给销售人员,他们就会更好地了解你的产品/服务是否符合他们的需求。如果你直接访问一个电子商务页面,你可以直接将客户引向他们最有可能购买的产品
  2. Loyal Fans: 忠实粉丝: When customers feel that their needs are met and a company truly cares about them, they’re more likely to return to that company in the future to buy additional products or services. Personalization helps customers feel that your story is their story 当顾客觉得他们的需求得到满足,而且公司真正关心他们时,他们更有可能在未来回到那家公司购买额外的产品或服务。个性化帮助客户感觉你的故事就是他们的故事
  3. Valuable Company Insights: 有价值的公司见解:Information gained from tracking customers can help you determine what works and what doesn’t work in terms of marketing messages and tactics. 通过跟踪客户获得的信息可以帮助你确定哪些行之有效,哪些行之无效

Examples of Personalization Done Right


According to Digital Trends, 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant. Here are seven brands that have done just that–and reaped the rewards!

根据 Digital Trends 的数据,73% 的消费者更喜欢与那些使用个人信息来使他们的购物体验更具相关性的品牌做生意。这里有七个品牌已经做到了这一点—- 并且收获了回报!

1. Identity-Based Campaigns: These types of campaigns rely on customers to self-select into segments Once marketers have that information, they can use it to create personalized messaging and serve up ads that are most relevant to them. One successful example of an identity-based campaign is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke.” In 2014, Coke took personalization to the next level when it rolled out the campaign in Australia before going global. But first, it achieved 12 million media impressions, a 4% increase of category and a 7% increase in young adult consumption.

1.基于身份的营销活动: 这些类型的营销活动依赖于消费者自我选择细分市场一旦营销人员获得了这些信息,他们就可以利用这些信息创建个性化的信息,并提供与他们最相关的广告。一个成功的基于身份的活动的例子是可口可乐的“分享一杯可乐”2014年,可口可乐在走向全球之前,在澳大利亚推出了这项活动,将个性化提升到了一个新的水平。但是首先,它获得了1200万的媒体印象,分类增加了4% ,年轻人的消费增加了7% 。


2. Location-Based Emails: OfficeMax often sends promotional messages that include location-specific information. This helps prospects clearly understand their next steps. For example, once the company has location information for its prospects, it can suggest the stores that are closest to them.

图2。基于位置的电子邮件: OfficeMax 经常发送包含位置特定信息的促销信息。这有助于潜在客户清楚地了解他们的下一步行动。例如,一旦公司有了其潜在客户的位置信息,它就可以建议离他们最近的商店。


3. Personalized Emails from Account Managers

3. 来自账户经理的个性化邮件

Personalized emails are best when they come from a real person. That’s exactly what Hubspot found out did when it test email opt-in response messages against those personalized with account representatives’ information. The emails from the company only had a click-through rate of 0.73%; however, when they tried the more personalized emails, click-through rate increased to 0.96% and generated 292 more clicks.

个性化的邮件最好是来自真实的人。这正是 Hubspot 在测试邮件回复信息和那些个性化的用户代表信息时发现的。该公司的电子邮件点进率只有0.73% ,然而,当他们尝试更个性化的电子邮件,点进率增加到0.96% ,产生了292多点击。


4. DoggyLoot’s Segmented Email Opt-Ins: DoggyLoot segmented its subscribers by asking questions about the size of their dogs during the opt-in process.This is an easy and fun way to get more information about potential leads.

图4。DoggyLoot 的分段电子邮件选择-in: DoggyLoot 通过在选择-in 过程中询问狗的大小来分段其订阅者。这是一个简单而有趣的方式来获得更多关于潜在客户的信息。


5. Personal Productivity Reports: Personalization doesn’t need to be based on prospects’ information only; it can also be focused on the actions that they take. RescueTime, a time management company, engages its subscribers with personalized reports of the activities they participate in on the site, playing on their time management capabilities.

5.个人生产力报告: 个性化不需要仅仅基于潜在客户的信息; 它也可以关注他们所采取的行动。时间管理公司 RescueTime 通过个性化的报告让订阅者参与网站上的活动,发挥他们的时间管理能力。


6. Behavior-Triggered Emails: To keep its users engaged, Facebook sends automated emails to those who haven’t logged in within a certain timeframe (if they haven’t opted out of emails). This strategy works well for the social media giant because “Trigger emails have a 152% higher open rate than traditional emails.

图6。行为触发的电子邮件: 为了让用户参与进来,Facebook 向那些没有在特定时间内登录的用户(如果他们没有选择退出电子邮件)发送自动电子邮件。这个策略对这个社交媒体巨头很有效,因为“触发邮件的开启率比传统邮件高出152% 。”

7. Segmented Promotions: Coffee-company Boca Java has seen success with this type of personalized approach. According to Shaun a Ward, writing for Par dot:

图7。分段促销: 咖啡公司 bocajava 已经看到了这种个性化方法的成功。据肖恩 · a · 沃德(Shaun a Ward)为 Par dot 写道:

Boca Java… segmented [its] lists based on how many bags of coffee customers ordered. They sent emails offering a 17% discount on a three-pack of coffee to three unique segments: customers who had previously purchased two bags, three bags, and four bags. The coffee giant found that customers in the two-bag segment were most likely to take advantage of the discount. This gave them insight into which customers were more likely to respond to that specific offer, and in turn, they were able to upsell those customers.

博卡爪哇咖啡… 根据顾客订购的咖啡袋数量划分列表。他们发送电子邮件,提供17% 的折扣三包咖啡分为三个独特的细分市场: 客户以前购买了两袋,三袋,和四袋。这家咖啡巨头发现,双袋咖啡的消费者最有可能利用这种折扣。这使他们能够洞察哪些客户更有可能回应特定的服务,反过来,他们能够向上销售这些客户。



According to Monetate, 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels. So if you haven’t gotten started with the personalization tips and tactics listed above, now is a great time to do so. Companies that can successfully leverage identity data to create individualized experiences will see sales and customer loyalty increase, while those that continue to speak to everyone will be negatively affected.

根据 Monetate 的数据,40% 的消费者从零售商那里购买更多的商品,这些零售商通过渠道提供个性化的购物体验。所以,如果你还没有开始学习上面列出的个性化建议和策略,现在就是一个很好的时机。能够成功利用身份数据创造个性化体验的公司将看到销售额和客户忠诚度的提高,而那些继续与所有人交谈的公司将受到负面影响。

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