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Anyone who has ever been involved in digital marketing campaigns probably has a solid understanding of just how simple – but also how tricky – the whole process can be. And the truth is that, no matter how much you practice, things are going to keep changing!


To add to the inherent challenges of any internet marketing plan – think key performance indicators (KPIs), segmentation, and call to action (CTA) development, to name just a few – there’s so much content out there that it can be hard to get people to even open your emails at all.    


Rest assured that email remains one of the most straightforward and effective marketing strategies out there. According to WordStream, for business to consumer (B2C) audiences, welcome emails can lead to some 320% greater revenue. And for business to business (B2B) audiences, email is one of the most important information sources.

请放心,电子邮件仍然是最直接和有效的营销策略之一。根据 WordStream,对于企业对消费者(B2C)用户来说,欢迎邮件可以带来320% 的额外收入。对于企业对企业(B2B)的受众来说,电子邮件是最重要的信息来源之一。

But there’s always someone doing something to stand out from the crowd. So how can you achieve this? The key is demonstrating a little ingenuity.


Some ideas for building campaigns that really resonate with your customers and keep them coming back can be found on the WordStream website

你可以在 WordStream 网站上找到一些建立广告活动的方法,这些方法可以让你的客户产生共鸣,并且让他们不断回来

Email Campaign Overview


Effective email marketing campaigns share a number of basic components:  


  • Choose an automation tool such as MailChimp or Marketo, and have a clear understanding of how to use it and how it will integrate with your platform 选择一个自动化工具,比如 MailChimp 或 Marketo,并清楚地了解如何使用它以及它将如何与您的平台集成
  • Create a timeline according to your campaign or event   根据你的活动或事件创建一个时间表
  • Develop quality content that fits with your offer and aligns with the sales funnel 开发与你的提议相符的高质量内容,并与销售漏斗保持一致
  • Understand delivery (timing and segmentation) 理解交付(时间和细分)
  • Understand what metrics you will use to measure success 了解你将使用什么指标来衡量成功
  • Follow up appropriately with each segment (nurturing and re-engagement)     适当地跟进每个部分(培养和重新参与)

Common Mistakes


Whenever you begin an email campaign or whenever someone signs up to your list, you want to avoid your email looking like spam, at all costs! The recipient must have a clear idea of who you are and what you are doing before they see anything else from you in their inbox.


To this end, bear these tips in mind in your email campaigns:


  • Don’t use random or vague subject lines that appear to have nothing to do with your product. 不要使用任意或模糊的主题,这些主题似乎与你的产品毫无关系
  • Don’t use your personal name in connection with the emails unless it is already an established part of your brand 不要在电子邮件中使用你的个人名字,除非它已经成为你品牌的一部分
  • Go into your automation sequence with a clear idea of how you are segmenting. Every so often an email lands in a customer’s inbox and they’re not sure where it came from. It’s clear that they deliberately gave out their email address, but can’t remember where, when, or why. 进入你的自动化程序,清楚地知道你是如何分割的。每隔一段时间,客户的收件箱就会收到一封电子邮件,但他们不确定这封邮件是从哪里发出的。很明显,他们故意泄露了自己的电子邮件地址,但却不记得是在哪里,什么时候,为什么

Characteristics of a Great Email


Have you ever read an article or post that you reacted to and then shared on Facebook? What was it that made you want to share? Probably there was something that triggered an emotional response inside of you.

你有没有读过一篇文章或者帖子,你对它们做出了反应,然后在 Facebook 上分享?是什么让你想要分享?可能有什么东西触发了你内心的情感反应。


Be Human


Emails are no different than other forms of content – you need to make them clever, and they should be personalized and emotion-centered. They should inspire a person to take action, and whatever action that they take shouldn’t involve much extra work.   


Less Clutter, More Value


The best marketing techniques in any format are deceptively simple and succinct. One way that they prove their value is by respecting a customer’s needs, time, and, in this day and age, attention span! And you always need to be explicit about the unique value that you’re offering to your customers.


Subject Lines Matter


Sometimes we receive something in our inbox that we actually want to open. Do you remember the last time this happened, and why? What was it about the email that really made you want to go to the message and click?


Subject lines in emails function like headlines in blogs – they’re the first clue that people see. So you need to make your point stand out in just a few words!


What can you say to get them to open the email? You must speak to something that they need, get them curious, or offer them something unique.


Here are some ideas for great subject lines:


  • Customize them based on a buyer avatar 根据买家头像定制它们
  • Speak to their expertise   谈谈他们的专业知识
  • Highlight urgency (for example, “Sale ends this Friday!”) 强调紧迫性(例如,“本周五销售结束!”)
  • Ask a question (for example, “Want to increase your sales?”) 问一个问题(例如,“想要增加你的销售吗?”)
  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse (for example, “Want to learn how to earn an easy $200 tomorrow?”) 给他们一个他们无法拒绝的提议(例如,“想学习如何轻松赚到200美元吗?”)

Your Welcome Message


You’re going to be essentially invading a person’s private space – their inbox. To this end, your initial aim is to spark curiosity, and not annoy the reader.


You’ll have to demonstrate value or arouse emotions using just the header and description. This isn’t that easy to do – but it’s easier to engage with your audience if you get to know them first. In addition, offering them something free that is of genuine value is a great opportunity to not only get sign-ups but also improve your click-through rates (CTRs).


At the outset, you should let your audience know that you’re not going to be spamming them. Your welcome message should give them an idea of what to expect – that is, how often you will be sending emails and the types of things you will be offering.  



Nail Your CTA

指定你的 CTA

Part of your subject line, email body and CTA should really be directed towards the kind of conversation that your audience is already having, or wants to have (even though they may not know it). Being able to anticipate their exact needs at a given moment is the key challenge in any marketing strategy.

你的部分主题、电子邮件主体和 CTA 应该针对你的听众已经进行或者想要进行的那种对话(即使他们可能不知道)。能够预测他们在特定时刻的确切需求是任何营销策略的关键挑战。

With email, there’s a little more room than with social media, to the extent that your target readers are likely to open one window and be expecting to “read” something rather than just have it pass through their Facebook feed.

电子邮件比社交媒体有更多的空间,以至于你的目标读者可能会打开一个窗口,期望“阅读”某些东西,而不是仅仅通过他们的 Facebook feed。

Your email and CTA should be conversational and as personal as possible, and lead to a clear and direct goal. You want your audience to open the email and get intrigued or excited about something that genuinely adds value to their lives, and then continue on with that conversation on your website or via an offer.  

您的电子邮件和 CTA 应该是对话式的,尽可能的私人化,并导致一个明确和直接的目标。你希望你的读者打开邮件,对那些能真正为他们的生活增添价值的东西产生好奇或兴奋,然后在你的网站上或通过提供继续进行这种对话。



Autoresponders (or automatic email responses) are gold in terms of time-saving, and can be used to understand segmentation. As you break down the different groups that you are emailing to, you can offer them different types of information and services at different times of the week or month.


They are great for creating a sense of urgency when you’re building a launch sequence to sell a course or other service that is time-sensitive. You can even increase the frequency and highlight discounted prices as you get closer to the date. However, ensure you don’t spam people too much if they’re not used to hearing from you often.


Autoresponders can also help with segmentation. All this means is that you are dividing your traffic into separate groups based on their preferences and behaviors. So, for instance, you can construct different sets of messages according to those who have signed up for monthly newsletters, weekly newsletters, and product updates.   




Email is a great way not only to segment your traffic but also to monitor your analytics to get a sense of customer behavior, no matter what your industry or context. Most email service providers will offer users the opportunity to gather metrics at a range of levels. The core metrics you’ll likely be interested in are CTR, open rate, and unsubscribes. Paying attention to the number of people (and segments) that unsubscribe can give you a lot of insight into where you can improve on your campaign.


3 Examples of Effective Email Campaign Strategies


Here we’ll give you an overview of what three organizations are doing to improve their CTRs and find truly next-level engagement with their audience.


Charity: Water

慈善: 水

Charity: Water is a non-profit devoted to bringing clean water to people in need. They set up their automated email campaign to take donors step by step through the process of where their money is actually going and how it is making an impact. Once people see concrete results of what is happening with their donations, they’re more likely to have an emotional connection with the organization.

慈善: 水是一个非营利组织,致力于为有需要的人们提供清洁的水。他们设立了自动化的电子邮件活动,一步一步地带领捐赠者了解他们的资金实际流向何处以及如何产生影响。一旦人们看到他们捐款的具体结果,他们更有可能与组织建立情感联系。

Freelance to Win


Danny Margulies of Freelance to Win makes a living from teaching people how to make money on the freelancing site Upwork. The focus of his email campaigns is clearly value-driven: he knows his audience is looking for new ways to make money independently, so he’s constantly driving home value-added propositions into people’s inboxes.

自由职业者为赢的丹尼 · 马古利斯靠在自由职业网站 Upwork 上教人们如何赚钱为生。他的电子邮件活动的重点显然是价值驱动的: 他知道他的读者正在寻找独立赚钱的新方法,所以他不断地把增值主张推送到人们的收件箱里。

He uses subject lines ranging from “How to make $10,000/hour on Upwork” to “Why we charge too little”. And he composes his content in such a way that it offers valuable information to freelancers, with an invitation to join in on a conversation at the end (but without a hard sell).

他使用的标题从“如何在 Upwork 上每小时赚1万美元”到“为什么我们收费太低”。而且他写作内容的方式能为自由职业者提供有价值的信息,最后邀请他加入谈话(但不强行推销)。


This is a digital product design platform that sends a weekly email of their best content, but also a contest opportunity to win a shirt with their latest design. They also advertise innovative campaigns and activities like crowdsourcing on their blog.

这是一个数字产品设计平台,每周发送一封电子邮件,宣传他们最好的产品内容,同时也是一个赢得最新设计 t 恤的竞赛机会。他们还在自己的博客上宣传诸如众包之类的创新活动。

They offer a great mix of different types of content, value-motivated engagement, and brand-awareness activities as well, offering readers the opportunity to easily scan the email and choose an item that they most want to engage with.  


Final Thoughts


Email remains a very effective marketing strategy. This is a good thing since it’s fairly simple to implement and maintain, in general – but there’s no single cut-and-dried method that will work in every circumstance. Like with every other element of digital marketing, you’ll have to dig deep to understand what your customers want, need, and value. To this end, your email marketing will end up being a key part of your customer research process as well as a core engagement strategy.



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